29. jun. 2014


I bought this t-shirt a while ago and I just realised I have completely forgot to tell about it on here! I am still so obsessed with it. I bought it from an etzy store, made by my favourite instagrammer, abbyroadd. It came with a little handwritten letter with a drawing and I fangirled so much, and recently she followed me on instagram which was just unbelievably amazing. I am so happy with this t-shirt~
The beautiful letter I got with it! Mehehe
Check out her etzy store HERE! And her label's instagram here. She just made a new t-shirt and I am definitely going to get that too, even though I have too many t-shirts...

Bonus picture of me fangirling over it~

26. jun. 2014


Yesterday I went shopping with one of my good friends and it was a really good time ☼ I bought a shower gel and a shampoo from the body shop and a nice cropped sweater, an iphone case and two pairs of socks from Monki, and we went to a café behind a book store!
I am gonna bring the shower gel and shampoo with me when I go to Scotland with my theater team in less than a week! I AM VERY EXCITED

19. jun. 2014

Drawing flowers

I did this drawing a while ago, it's quite rough and not my best, but I had the picture and thought I wanted to show some of my drawings! Does anyone out there want to see more?

6. jun. 2014

Cloudy nails

A while ago, in the spirit of spring having arrived, I did a sky thing on my nails~
I am quite pleased with the result I had, what do you think?

Now summer's here, but I never got to post this before...

5. jun. 2014


This is my lovely cat, Luna. She is the most beautiful and amazing cat, and I love her to bits! She is a real fattie and bites you if you touch her belly or if she gets a bit too much cuddling, but apart from that, she is a real cosy and cuddly cat. She sometimes comes over and lies on your lap and she can just keep you down like a big, warm, heavy, soft bear..

19. maj 2014

Campfires and sunsets

This saturday I had a campfire night with some of my friends from my acting team and we had and amazing time! I can't think of what my life is gonna be like when our course is done, I am almost crying just by the thought. We have our premiere on our play this saturday and the last time we act together is tuesday after that... It's so sad... I really hope I can stay in contact with them.
And then wednesday next week I graduate from Danish public school! Yay
Here are some photos I took this saturday!

1. maj 2014


I was in a kinda nautical mood - I have always loved the sea, and drew a bit on my arm for fun. That gave me this idea so I tried to take some pictures when I got home, and they are pretty much how I wanted them in my idea, so I am very satisfied!
I have to admit they were probably pretty much inspired by Anis, when I think about it.
What do you think of them, do they give you any particular kind of mood? Or anything

Update: lately I feel like I have improved a lot in working together with my camera and today I have a day off school and the light is amazing and I went outside after I came home from a friend and took some really creative photos that I am really happy with! So, many photos to come soon

22. apr. 2014

Berlin pictures

 The view at night from our hotel
 The Olympic Stadion
 A piece of the wall left at Bernaurstrasse
Aand Checkpoint Charlie!
Here are a few pictures from the things I saw in Berlin! I might post some pictures of what I bought another time. I got a lot of pictures of me n' my old and new friends too, but they are on facebook.. So if you are my friend you can see them there, or send a friend request! (just ask for my name if you want)
There are more pictures too on my instagram: leaemilieh! There are some from places where I didnt bring my camera.

21. apr. 2014

Ginger cat on adventure!

Here you have some pictures of Figaro from a while ago. I came home from Berlin Friday, and I am sorry for not having posted before now, but I came home about midnight and had to leave for my grandmother's 75 years birthday the next morning. And I have just forgot and I have been too lazy and more interested in other things.
Anyways, I had such a wonderful time in Berlin and I bought a lot of amazing(and not so amazing maybe..) stuff, and I met some really amazing new people!! I wish I could go back just to be with them again.
I am probably gonna show you in a post what I bought. And post some of the pictures I took(along with some background story maybe?). But right now I am at my dads house, and I forgot my camera at my moms house, so I don't have the pictures.


How to make this braid:
1. like when you do a french braid, pick up three small sections of hair, only this time you do it on the side of the head.
2. Start braiding, and every time you pick up a section of hair, add some from the loose hair.
3. Braid it down to the end and tie it up!

It's simple as that. I'm not sure what it's called, I heard someone call it a farmer braid in Danish.

14. apr. 2014


Today I am going to start writing about my life instead of just throwing random pictures up on the blog without a word!
Thing is that tomorrow I am going to Berlin with some of my school mates and a lot of other teens from other schools around here. I am looking so much forward as I haven't been traveling for months(not since last summer I think) and I have been craving for some travel since about the start of this year. I am probably not gonna post unless there is free wi-fi at the hotel, and if there is, I wont be writing much, I'll just post drafts with pictures in. I will be home again friday night, probably with some pictures from Berlin and with some stories to tell(I hope). See you!

13. apr. 2014


A while ago, it was a foggy day and I found this big pile of firewood outside my dad's house, and tried to take some pictures... what do you think?

I saw a photo on instagram where they asked what we were thinking about our future, and suddenly I had written a big long rant. I thought I'd share some of my life with you so I'm just leaving it here. Do not worry, I am perfectly okay so don't panic. I was just having a moment, you know?

I just love being with my acting people and acting. I have a big dream about becoming an actress but I think it's getting out of hand; I can't just expect to turn famous for sure with no doubt. But no matter what, I wish to act, even if it's in a small theater with not much payment or even if I have to work the hardest and I just wish I could be more confident inside me. I think I might seem quite confident about becoming an actress to my family etc., but I am really nervous about life. In a moment I am leaving Danish "public school" in 9th grade and going to a creative boarding school. I have never been so excited for anything before and I have never been so nervous; I am leaving my comfort zone living with my mom and dad and I am leaving all my friends behind and I have no idea what kinds of people I am gonna live with at the boarding school and worst of all what person I am gonna turn into. I am sure they are gonna be wonderful people and I will probably be able to love myself even more. I am usually really good at loving myself but I am just having some days where it has all been downhill, and I hate myself and I don't want to be this person anymore and I am lonely.

"Perfect foam. Even better day"

My sister had been on a school trip to Barcelona and brought home this cup from Starbucks as a gift for me! It's got a nice soft surface and is big and lovely. Love her to bits. I don't know if I'm gonna have any milk foam in it though, as I don't have any kinda machine for that...
She said one of her friends(that is following me on tumblr) thought it fit my style on tumblr well... do you think so too?(my tumblr)
My sister has an adorable tumblr so check it out 

12. apr. 2014

Live collage

I noticed some stuff on my table that I thought looked interesting, and got inspired to do a "live collage", so I added some stuff and arranged it. Here's the result:
What do you think?